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Consult a qualified will and trust lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Now is the perfect time to draft your will and trust. The will and trust lawyers at Snyder Lucente, PLLC can help. Our will and trust attorneys serve the Charlotte, NC area.

We'll help you turn your wishes into a clear and detailed will or trust directives. You can plan for what will happen to your estate and who will take care of your minor children. You can also disinherit those who would otherwise stand to inherit your property. We'll make sure your will and trust are written in a way that the courts will honor.

Contact us now to discuss your wishes with capable will and trust lawyers in Charlotte, NC.

What kind of a will or trust do you need?

What kind of a will or trust do you need?

We have the expertise needed to draw up all kinds of wills and trusts for our clients in the Charlotte, NC area, including:

  • Married trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Living wills
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Health care powers of attorney

To make your wishes known clearly, call the trust and will lawyers at Snyder Lucente, PLLC. We'll get your documents drafted in a timely manner.