Traffic Law Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

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If you have received a traffic citation in Mecklenburg County or the surrounding counties, Snyder Lucente, PLLC offers the legal representation you’re looking for. We take cases involving Speeding Violations, Driving While License Revoked, NOL, Reckless Driving, Unsafe Movement, and Failure to Reduce Speed.

Should you hire an attorney for a traffic citation?

Should you hire an attorney for a traffic citation?

Most traffic citations are moving violations that carry Insurance and DMV points, if convicted. Some citations are so severe that a conviction could result in your license being suspended. The attorneys at Snyder Lucente will ensure that you receive the best available outcome and can often times appear on your behalf, without you having to go to Court.

The traffic citation attorneys at Snyder Lucente, PLLC are ready to take on your traffic violation case. Get in touch now for a free consultation.